2009 Oprah Winfrey Interview with Whitney Houston

ღ Oprah's Best Interview Ever! ღ
Whitney Houston's Best Interview Ever!

I. The 2009 Oprah Winfrey "Comeback Interview"

Like the title of the powerful song written by R. Kelly for Whitney Houston, "I Look to You," Whitney looked to Oprah Winfrey and noone else to give her the first interview announcing her comeback after years of bad publicity surrounding her drug addiction and marriage turmoil. In 2009, after being silent for seven years and acquiring a less than favorable public image, she still strongly held on to her spiritual beliefs. Whitney's beautiful spiritual connection with the Lord emanates through her entire being and calmly connects with the also highly spiritual essence of Oprah Winfrey for a much anticipated interview. The interview was more like an intimate conversation between two close friends who share similar beliefs and have a common foundation of self awareness. On the Oprah Winfrey Show, she engaged in a very honest, yet televised conversation with the popular talk show host that viewers will never forget.

.:as I lay me down, heaven, hear me now:.

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PLEASE NOTE: "Part 6" begins @ 28:35

And this is video footage of the 2009 live Good Morning America performance where Whitney struggled vocally soon after her beautiful 2-day interview and live beautiful performance on the Oprah Winfrey Show. Failed performances such as this one made many skeptical about the strength of her "comeback" voice after years of publicly-known drug use, rehab and relapse:

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