2002 Interview with Diane Sawyer

"Crack is Whack!" -Whitney Houston
Whitney Houston's Worst Interview Ever!

III. The 2002 Diane Sawyer "Crack is Whack" Interview

Let me just say that Diane Sawyer did not connect with Whitney Houston in 2002 the way that Oprah Winfrey did in 2009. However, in all fairness, Whitney Houston was high and filled with such a different spirit when she was interviewed in 2002 by Diane Sawyer and she was still married to Bobby Brown. He was present in the room for part of the interview and for a brief moment even joined Whitney on the couch after being softly coerced to do so by Diane Sawyer. Bobby Brown with his bad boy image and Whitney Houston with her diva aura together created some horrible moments both publicly and privately. And this moment made no exception. Based on confessions made by Whitney during this highly criticized interview, her sex life created those good, exciting moments and was more of the addiction in her life as opposed to the multitude of drugs she had admitted to using (cocaine, pills, alcohol and marijuana). She referred to herself in partnership with her husband as rock-n-rollers living the party celebrity lifestyle. She seemed to brag a bit about the expensive drugs she shared with her husband in combination with the intense sexual chemistry between them. She also seemed to not hide the fact that they not only partied hard but also had plenty of disagreements between the two of them.

She turned her nose up at the mention of using crack, a cheap drug, and stated with some pretty animated gestures that "Crack is whack!" Later, in 2009, she admitted during the Oprah Winfrey interview that she used to lace her marijuana with rock cocaine (she was smoking "primos"). I am not a drug expert but if I am not mistaken, rock cocaine is similar to crack if not the exact same thing. This 2002 Diane Sawyer interview ended up being just a bad public moment all the way around for this talented diva. Whitney was obviously under the influence at the time that she made such a shocking statement which really seems to me like a lie. I love Whitney Houston, please don't get me wrong! But the facts remain the facts. Drug addicts often lie about their addiction. Even though Whitney Houston had these issues in her life, her beautiful spirit still kept her fans rooting and cheering for her to pull through.

.:as I lay me down, heaven, hear me now:.

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After this December 4, 2002 Diane Sawyer interview, Whitney performed on Good Morning America struggling even in this year vocally:

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